I Dont Trust Me Either

All the goodies from - Shop Seasouth *I am not included 

Another outfit post featuring the wonderful selection of goodies i got to shoot being the face of Shop Seasouth. I kinda fell in love with all the cute rings, i never wear jewellery but after being indulged in all the gold swag i got to rep i may be wearing more.  


Piccing | New app - it's Tumblr with a 'buy now' button

I have never been obsessed with a iphone app, not Crazy Birds or Candy Crush Saga but now a app has finally got me! After being told about Piccing, im not gunna lie i had low standards and thought i would just download it and then delete it within a day but instead it consumed my day!

Piccing is the first lifestyle shopping experience built on a visually-driven social platform, on a mission to make every item in an image accessible. It’s a platform for users to collect, categorize and organise images of all the things they love —with a direct link to purchase the products within these images —from their desktops and mobile devices. Its basically Tumblr with a buy now button! As someone being obsessed with Tumblr and always wanting to buy the things in the images Piccing has added a new dimension and its got my heart and my bank balance.

Take a photo, upload an image from your library or browse the image feed.

Mark an item or area of interest within the image.

Explore a dedicated product selection based on your mark, giving you access to hundreds of brands directly from your fingertips.

With 29 million worldwide users it cant be too bad, you can follow me by searching 'youngeccentric' and to download the app click here.


Paul Costelloe Presentation SS15

I attended the incredible Paul Costelloe presentation which was everything you could want for a SS15 collection and more!

 Firstly it was held at Simpson's In The Strand in the cutest room possible with pink walls and floral carpet which made it the perfect location for Paul's latest Angel in the Fields collection (as you can see my pastel pink ensemble meant I blended into the room).

The perfectly pretty, bold and vintage inspired collection was luxurious yet playful becoming the full combination of youth, freshness and fun! My favorites included the metallic and hand-crafted floral jacquards pieces which were all complimented by modern grey heeled boots as well as a awesome messy beehive. (I like to think that the beehive is also partly why i looked and felt so short compared to the models ha!)


I Only Have Eyes For You

Twinkle Eye Mesh t-shirt - The Creeps Store 
Velvet Skirt - Primark
Buffalo Boots

What are you looking at? Could it be this awesome twinkle eye mesh crop top? Ummm yeah! Sequin eyed mesh top and velvet skirt, topped off with a pair of massive platforms - a recipe for trouble. Luckily you have enough eyes to keep watch for any renegade rejects.


London Edge | Blogger Meet Up

Last week I was invited to the marvelous blogger meet up at London Edge and it was everything i could of wished for and more for my first fashion blogger meet up. By the end of the day i was full of the amazing  "Tattooed bakers" cupcakes lugging a freaking heavy goodie bag filled with all my fave things from KillStar, IronFist and ManicPanic. And best of all i came away with loads of new fashion friends!

Below are some of my favorite items from around London Edge which are well worth a little look.

Monzie and I were loving the Manic Panic stand! The founder Tish may have given me some cheeky Pink hair dye... my mum is not going to be happy hehe.

I was so excited to see street brand THFKDLF there as I have been following them since the beginning. Big up!

My phone case matched and Monzie's awesome earring - cos we like chips okay ha!

Small and Tall? The lovely Hannah Owen who is just as stunning in real life and FYI has a killer fringe. 

I loved these cute Iron Fist cupcake shoes! 

  Hatti and I were loving this fluffy Alice Takes A Trip jumper!

Tattooed Disney - Twisted were on top form! 

I love this gal Monzie, her style, her attitude, her interests -I think we nearly laughed down London Edge!

 The after party was held at my fave place Proud in Camden where we were indulged in a Burlesque performance and Drag Queen show all before 9.30pm on a Sunday - winning! Then Ricky Hall and uber blogger babe Zoe London took to the decks to DJ.

  Utter fashion babes Samantha,  IsabellaHatti and Desislava!

I felt very boring with my natural coloured hair, unlike this pink goddess Susan

So yeah if you didn't go to London Edge you missed out and you should probably go next year! :)

Also a massive shout out to the lovely girlies Belphoebe  , Jade and Amanda - I had such fun meeting you all and hopefully see you again soon!