I'm really a mermaid

Mermaid Bikini - This Is A Love Song
Holographic Sandals - Missguided 

This is literally my childhood dream right here, move aside Ariel! 

So the Coachella vibes got to me, I am determined to go one day! This year I kinda feel like I'm there though as my cousins are there and have been whats apping me pics and updates. Even my cuz agrees I would fit in there with my far out fashion style ha! For now, chilling in this amazing Mermaid bikini by This Is A Love Song is more than good enough for me!

I have been in love with this amazing piece of lycra ever since I saw it on dollskill. Looking through This Is A Love Songs SS14 is a dream, its just too amazing! I feel as if i want to collage all the pretty pictures and put it as my screensaver.

Right now I just need a beach and sun because this bikini makes me feel like a boss ass bitch, i never want to take it off and somehow I think wearing it secretly under my clothes may be taking it too far....

Love ya,


Happy Easter Everyone!

Mesh crop top - Missguided x Nicole
Trousers - Persun
Sandals - Ikrush 

Hey guys!

A bit late, but hope you all have had a eggsellant Easter!! Hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday and have a good relax/party depending on how you roll.

 I have had a wonderful day eating my body weight in chocolate (just how Easter should be!) I also shot some wicked new SS14 looks this morning (this is a sneak peek), hopefully I should get them up on the blog soon! My sister and I also planned a Easter egg hunt for my mum as she loves Easter, she loved it! :)

My dog Tilly came and lay down by the camera (she is a very attention seeking doggy, her big puppy eyes can get away with anything) So i took the opportune moment to have a dog/owner photoshoot. Here are mine and Tilly's best bunny impressions. 

Lots of love,

Lazy Sunday

Mark Woodward Photography
Denim shirt - Beyond Retro Vintage
Velvet Leggings - H&M
Tote Bag - SkinnyDip London, illustration by Steff Yung
Boots - Deichmann

Here is a very lazy look, it's my comfy Lazy Sunday look. Apart from the fact I'm rocking a choker and a gold chain (don't ask ha) its a pretty ordinary outfit. However, people were still staring at me on the bus and i couldn't work it out, until I looked down and saw my awesome SkinnyDip tote. I freaking love the illustration on it by the very talented Steff Yung! Furthermore I have no problem parading around displaying the hashtag #skinnydiplondon because they are a absolute gem!


And then the girl turned orange. And then it all turned orange.

Michelle Mattern Photography
Shirt - Vintage
Belt -Vintage
Bowler Hat - Camden Market
Lita's - Jeffrey Campbell 
Chain - H&M

Here is a bit of a throwback post from last summer when i did a shoot with the brilliant Michelle Mattern but i just found looks i never posted so here you go! 

I love this vintage silk orange shirt i picked up for a fiver, it just makes it feel like summer. I am also wearing my favorite vintage belt and bowler hat, not to mention my forever trusty Jeffrey Campbell Lita's.


Inspired by the fear of being average

Tish Jarrett Photography
Mesh sleeve crop top - Nicole x Missguided
Skirt - Bershka
Tights - Primark
Platform Sandals - IKrush

You guys are lucky, I'm not meant to start posting these pics for a couple of weeks but I just couldn't wait, I had to share! So I did a shoot the other day with one of my favorite photographers Tish Jarrett! We found the sickest alleyway ever! (yes I'm back down em alley's haha). I would tell you the location but it's mine and Tish's top secret place ha. 

For a few weeks I have been a little obsessed with braids and multi- colored hair ties so I went a bit cray and braided all my hair and I freaking loved it!

My three other loves are platforms, mesh and graphic print and oh look this look has them all! My new platform sandals are from iKrush and I would sleep in them if I could, I love them so much! I have also worn this Missguided x Nicole mesh panel crop top all around London (quite literally, my Oyster card just chews money now). 

I'm having really bad deja vu writing this post so im now going to stop now.


I'll give you a pizza my mind


Tish Jarrett photography
Rest In Pizza T-shirt - Killer Condo
Mom Jeans - Boohoo.com

Forever loving a play on words, this R.I.P - Rest In Pizza tee from Killer Condo is awesome! I love these shots Tish took and the skater park setting. Once again i find myself wishing i could skate however i don't think balancing on a board with wheels on it was meant for the uncoordinated and clumsy. I still have cuts and bruises from my 21st, me and my friends are still no closer to knowing where they came from unless there are now bushes on the underground. 

May we take a moment to in loving memory remember my dreadlock which lasted for about 3 weeks in Christmas before the disapproving comments, disgusted touches and being made to shove it down the back of my top got a bit too much. Dear dreadlock i hope you are rested in pizza (which you probably are because you got thrown in my bin).

Also i am definitely wearing this tee when i go to The Pizza Underground gig, Macauley Culkin's (Home Alone boy) band. It's all The Velvet Underground covers, but they have changed them so they are all about Pizza! I'm so stoked! 

lots of love,



The Collectives: Profile 1

The $AB Mob? Anyone? No? Just jokin...

Today I did a shoot today with these cool kids from @highendfashn made up of Lord Charles Cartier (yes that is his real name) Johnson and Azeez. Fair to say they educated me about hashtags, share my love of A$AP Rocky and apart from the little Selena Gomez/ Fruit Pastel interlude are all round cool guys. First day of shooting my London Collective doc and all is looking up, i'm here all week people.

Now off to buy myself a celebratory drink as I got the best news ever!